Project Management

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The Project Management function performed by  Mansfield provides a total project delivery system.

All defined aspects of the project are professionally managed by the Mansfield team with a major emphasis on strong and effective stakeholder communication on a regular basis. 

This system incorporates the needs and requirements of all involved in the project whilst ensuring that budget targets are met, and that all critical tasks are undertaken and completed within the required timeframe and project program.

Acting for and on behalf of the client, Mansfield conducts and delivers projects to the highest professional standards within a cohesive and unique team approach to total project delivery and sets itself apart from all other industry players.  




The Mansfield Corporation Integrated Management System (IMS) and WHS Management Plan have been reviewed and have met the requirements of the following NSW Government Management System Auditing Guidelines.


-        The NSW Government 5th Edition WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines (5th Edition) September 2013 (Updated May 2014) - (Accreditation Certificate attached).   


-        The NSW Government Quality Management Systems Guidelines for Construction 15 August 2013 – (Accreditation Certificate attached).


-         The NSW Government Environmental Management Systems Guidelines (3rd Edition) August 2013 updated 30 May 2014) – (Accreditation Certificate attached).


These Accreditations are further recognition of Mansfield’s capabilities in undertaking significant construction projects throughout the country.